Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Merry sober Christmas

Christmas day has come and gone and I actually remember the entire day!

There were a few times when things felt a little strange such as pouring drinks for people but not drinking myself.

Its not that I wanted to drink, its all those previous memories of tastes and the way I used to feel when drinking. You cant just turn those memories off and they pass in a few seconds anyway.

It reminds me of when I quit smoking 20 years ago. I regularly had dreams where I would be smoking and I would wake up and really thought I had smoked. I would be so ticked off until it dawned on me a few seconds later that it was just a dream.
That lasted for a couple of years even though I never missed smoking, I suppose it just takes a while for the brain to quit too.

So here I am on boxing day morning with a clear head and stomach and it feels great.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Ebook is now downloadable !!

Well tis the season and I started this blog at a busy time of december which leaves me precious little time to figure out how to post my free ebook in pdf format for downloading.

I have done a little research by reading up on the help section but it does not appear that I can post a pdf file on my blog.

As with most new learning experiences concerning internet applications this is like pulling teeth !!

Aha, I just learned that you can set up a web page at "googlepages" and from that page the file can be downloaded.
Just click on the link at the bottom of this post and this will take you to the download page.
From the download page click on the pdf file link and the download pop-up will allow you to save the file.

Please feel free to share this book with anyone just as long as it is not used for monetary gain.

Keep in mind I tell it like it was, nothing held back. If you recognize yourself in the book then I just hope things turn around for you too.

If you have any difficulties obtaining the file email me at

This is going to be my first sober Christmas in at least 25 years and I feel great about it all. In the past its been a blur with me either drinking or sleeping it off, then dreading going back to work.

Having that monkey off my back is one of the best Christmas presents I could ever hope for.
Yes there actually is life after alcohol, something I never used to think possible.

Merry, Merry Christmas and a prosperous NewYear

For the Ebook at the download page click here

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Breaking Free

My name is Al Freeman and I have created this blog to share my "warts and all" true account of my previously alcohol dependant life.

I do this in the hope that it can possibly help anyone that recognizes the symptoms I experienced for many years, so that they may be able to break free and take back their life again.

Unfortunately some alcohol dependant people will never benefit from AA or other help groups on a long term basis and will only ever be able to leave alcohol in the past by overcoming it from within.
I am among that category and hopefully my story will resonate with like minded people.

I have written a free ebook in downloadable .pdf format which I hope can be downloaded from this blog.

Please check in to see if and when I can post the ebook.