Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Eve

It was another night of firsts as I enjoyed my first sober new years eve in probably 22 years.

My wife and I went out early for dinner and returned home to a toasty fire in the basement and watched some old videos of the kids while waiting for the clock to tick down to midnight.

I must say I love being able to drive around on these nights without any worries of having residual alcohol in your system which may cause you to blow over if you have one beer.

I was stopped at a police check for drinking drivers but of course there were no worries for me.

Did I miss not drinking or did my night feel as if something was not at all and I relished the idea of going back to work on new years day (nightshift) with a clear head.

I dont feel as if I have lost something or something is lacking in my life.

I feel I have gained enormously and that I actually have a life!!

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